1. The best way to find the right person to record your special day is from recommendation.
    We all know that anyone these days can advertise themselves as being the best in the business by creating a fab looking Website. Ask lots of Friends, your Photographer, even ask at your Venue. Check to see if there any positive or bad reviews via Facebook, Weddings Uncovered, Trustpilot, or any other wedding review company that may be available about your Videographer! In our experience professional companies are more than willing to let people read their reviews to show experience and confidence in their ability to film weddings.
  2. Never Ever book over the phone.
    Always go and see a few different companies and ask lots of questions. Make sure they sound confident and make you feel comfortable that you are choosing right person to have around you on your special day. Ask them to provide you with some samples of their recent work and if they would be happy to let you have contact details of recent couples? Most past couples would be more than happy to let you contact them as they were once in your position as Husband and Wife to be.
  3. Don’t just book on best price.
    Videographers vary in price just like everyone else and in most cases you will only get what you pay for. If they are cheap, then they are cheap for a reason.
  4.  Choose a professional with experience in this field.
    A professional wedding Videographer with many years experience in filming weddings will be able to record your wedding with confidence and will provide you with an unreplaceable record of your day from start to finish.
  5. Other things to expect when choosing a professional over any other?
    You should expect a professional Videographer to carry only the very latest professional Video/Audio equipment, including back-up equipment of the same specification at all times. They should also provide all the necessary insurances to cover you and your guests. A professional will have the skills to edit the footage afterwards to create a wonderful video just the way you would want it to be.
  6. How long should my finished video be?
    Well this will all depend on a few things….. How long is your Ceremony?  Will there be additional Readings? Do you have a Choir?  Will you have a Receiving line at reception?  How many speakers during Speeches? Are you having your Evening Celebrations or 1st Dance recorded? All these things may add to the total length of your finished video.
  7. Do recording styles differ ?
    Yes, we offer a full detailed recording of your day from start to finish, whilst others may offer a short Feature version sometimes between 15-20 minutes long.  Feature versions are normally shot by companies using a new style of wedding filming called “Cinematic”. The footage is captured using DSLR type camera’s. Some will also offer additional services like Marryoke or Messages to camera from some of your guests.
  8. What about Drone recording ?
    Some companies will offer drone footage just to hopefully get your booking! but please be aware that this service needs to be looked at carefully….  No company can guarantee that a drone will be flown at your wedding as it is also weather dependant and there are risks involved. Many things need to be taken into account regarding the implications and dangers of flying these units near people or buildings. The CAA law as it stands states that it is illegal to fly drones commercially without first obtaining a CAA permissions licence. This licence can only be obtained by taking a CAA competence course and must be provided for inspection at any request. It is essential also to ensure the operator has the necessary insurances in place at all times to protect you and your guests.
  9. My Photographer says we don’t need the extra expense for a Videographer as He/She can offer both Photography & Video using only one camera ?
    There are many Photographers and Videographers out there that will offer a multiple of services for your special day. In our experience this just doesn’t work! You need to be confident that this person will give you his/her undivided attention to detail for your photograph’s or video and not have to concentrate on other jobs at the same time!!
  10. Who should film our day ?
    Some companies will take multiple bookings for the same day or even pass the work onto others to carry out on their behalf.  We feel It is important that once you have built a relationship with your Videographer and seen his/her work, then that is the person who should be recording your big day.
  11. Insurances ?
    One very important part of booking a Videographer and is often overlooked is Insurance. Apart from the obvious reasons for making sure that your videographer has adequate insurance to cover both you and your guests, you need also take into account that should the unfortunate happen and your videographer should cause accidental damage to venue property or persons, then you will be held responsible for any damage costs, as you were the person that employed him/her and it would have been your responsibility to make sure he/she had the necessary insurance cover in place.

We have over 30 years experience in the video industry and have now covered over 1700 weddings to date. At Grove Video Services we know what our clients expect from a professional wedding video company, which is why we are committed to meeting those expectations at all times.


Although we are very happy to take bookings for our services, we are also here to answer any further questions you might have about wedding video.
(Even if you have not booked us for your special day!)