Service Details

Service One:
Our services will begin at your chosen venue at around one and a half hours before your wedding ceremony.  We will capture some footage of your venue (subject to access) followed by the arrival of your wedding guests and bridal party. We will record your wedding ceremony (If permitted) and include celebration activities outside afterwards, up to and including your departure to your wedding reception venue. At your reception venue we will record some footage of the venue, followed by the arrival of your guests and bridal party. We continue with coverage of celebrations and activities up to and including your speeches before or just after your wedding breakfast.



Service Two:
This service will include everything  as provided in Service One, but will now also include an additional camera and operator (Helen my wife) to record the Bride, Groom, or Partner preparations at your chosen venue. Helen will arrive around two hours before you are due to depart for your ceremony venue and will (subject to timings) include your departure. Or if preferred, we can cover your 1st dance instead if no prep’s are chosen?. This service will also include two camera recordings throughout your ceremony if permitted, your photo shoot alongside your photographer, plus reception activities up to the start of your speeches.



Service Three:
Service Three includes everything as provided in Service One & Service Two, but with the addition of the recording of your First Dance (before or up to 8.30pm).
We will also include the recording of some of your evening guests attending your evening celebrations (subject to timings) which will help create a build up to your first dance.


Additional Service Add-on’s are available upon request.