Terms & Conditions

Marked * service conditions…..


Ceremony *

Please confirm with your chosen venue whether or not they will permit recording of ceremony or any other activities. Some venues have been known to not allow recordings, or only part recordings.


Two camera’s *

When booking two camera’s and operators it is best to first confirm with your chosen venue whether or not they will permit recording of ceremony or any other activities with two camera’s and that there is sufficient room to do so. Recording with two camera’s at certain venues can be refused and quite difficult if there is not enough space to site both camera’s and operators.


Photo Shoot *

Please confirm with your photographer that he/she will be happy for us to work alongside him/her during the photo shoot. Although most photographers are happy for us to work alongside them on the day, some may not be happy to do so.


Cutting the Cake *

We include the recording of the cutting of your wedding cake with all services which normally takes place before or just after the speeches have taken place. Please be aware that we are unable to provide this if you have decided to cut your cake during your evening celebrations but have not actually booked our evening package.


First Dance *

When booking the recording of your First Dance it must be noted that we can only provide this service before or up to 8.30 pm unless otherwise agreed.


PLEASE NOTE: All prices above are based on the Cardiff area. Additional charges may be incurred if outside this area.


Booking Terms & Conditions



Your signature on our booking form agreeing to these terms and payment of a £200 booking fee secures our services for your wedding day and must be confirmed by GVS in writing. Any outstanding balance payment for our services will be due one week before your wedding date.


Please ensure that all details on our Booking Form have been filled in clearly and correctly as extra costs may be incurred to rectify any mistakes once editing has been completed. Please notify us of any further changes to details on our booking form well before your wedding day.


Regretfully, because bookings are normally received a few months in advance. A booking fee refund cannot be given in the  event of a cancellation.


We request the right to use any footage recorded on the day for demonstration purposes.


We will carry out our services to the best of our ability, but we cannot ensure the quality of services if  hampered by very bad weather, mixed, or poor lighting, or poor sound conditions. We ask that the Groom/Partner wear a radio microphone during the ceremony in order for us to get a good recording of your vows.
In the event a radio mic is not preferred, then we cannot be held responsible for poor audio during that time!!


Limitation of Liability: Every effort will be made to supply our services to you on the day. We cannot take liability due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event of a total Video failure or Cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstances, the liability of one party or the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.


Please inform your Photographer that you have employed our services for your day and that he/she will be happy for us to work alongside him/her?
We can only provide you with our best work when working with a professional wedding photographer, as they understand how video works and what we will require on the day.


A Copyright licence may be required to allow video recording of church hymns or any commercial copyright music played during your church/civil ceremony or reception, or even to be dubbed onto your video afterwards. It is your responsibility to ensure that this licence is obtained and submitted upon request to the church/registrar or reception venue. This licence can be purchased online from www.prsformusic.com  If a licence has not been obtained then your Vicar/Registrar may refuse any recordings on their premises and no copyright music may be added to your video as copyright laws may be infringed.


Please ensure that any music required for your finished wedding video be given to us prior to your special day. This music will be added to your video during second stage editing and must be left to our own experience as to where it will fit best on the video. If we do not receive music prior to editing, then we will assume that you agree for us to choose which music may be most suited to complete your video.


After you have received your completed video we agree (within 7 Days) to make at your request any further changes to the edit. After this time the edit will be removed from our system and no further changes will be possible. We will hold a Master Copy of your video for up to one year should you require any further copies.


We receive many requests for booking forms each week and sometimes for the same dates. Please be informed that receipt of our booking form is not an indication that your wedding date has been accepted or booked. All dates will remain open until we have received all necessary booking requirements and a detailed confirmation of your chosen services has been provided by us. Due to high demand we can only provide our services on a First Come, First Served basis.


If you have any further questions regarding any of the above please ask?