Technology and Methods

All footage is captured in Full 1920 x 1080 Hi Definition using  3CCD Professional Digital camera’s, allowing us to produce outstanding Picture quality. We use Hybrid technology by recording to two solid state SD cards simultaneously, ensuring us that we always have a back-up recording. We use professional radio microphones whenever possible to deliver clear and sharp audio. After transferring the footage to one of our three very powerful PC workstations, we then edit it using the very latest professional editing and DVD authoring software before storing the footage on an external device allowing us to provide you with a first class HD Video, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc.

Your completed Wedding Video

After completion of the edit (around 2 weeks) we will invite you to visit our home studio where you can view clips of your finished wedding video on our state of the art sound and vision equipment which includes a large LCD display and Dolby Surround Sound audio.

Your wedding video will include motion menus and backgrounds for easy navigation and will be presented to you in a luxury case titled Our Wedding Day. Your edited wedding footage will remain on our PC system for up to 7 days after collection, in which time you may make any changes if required.


We are at present recording all weddings in full High Definition 1920 x 1080 resolution. This means that when transferring to other formats you are assured of getting the very best quality viewing experience we can provide. We offer a Hi-Definition Blu-Ray disc option upon request.

Mobile Devices

We now offer your wedding day as a video file, pre-rendered in High-Def quality to play back on most Mobile Devices such as…. Mobile Phones, Media Tablets, Modern TV's & even Pen Drives, to allow viewing pleasure anywhere and anytime.

Standard DVD

Standard DVD is still very much the preferred viewing media for most clients. We provide weddings on Dual Layered High Quality DVD discs. The picture quality produced by these DVDs are the closest you will get presently to High-Def from a Standard format DVD.